Sunday, October 30, 2011


Since last writing on this blog a list of spectacular experiences have occurred. That night, after giving the bum the money, I received an unexpected $200. The next day I gave another bum money, but this time I doubled it. To no avail I received no unexpected money that day. Matter of fact, after I gave that bum some money, so many other bums came to me and asked for money. I was irritated by the fact that all these bums were attracted to me now. It wasn't a good feeling associated with the giving this time. Later on I thought about what I had done differently. I came to the conclusion that I was expecting to receive some money for my giving it away, and that, in itself, eliminated the thought in my mind that money flows freely in my life. The giving coupled with the expectation now made the giving a job, instead of just being generous for no reason at all. With that said, I am continuing to update this blog periodically. Not to receive any money, but to reinforce my feeling of gratitude and generosity. That is whats important, the feeling. By giving you this knowledge I know that I already have received the blessings for it. So, I will say it in a different way this time. You don't have to, and I won't me mad if you don't, but feel free to donate as much as you can afford so I can continue spreading this message of good news. If you can't afford to donate, just click on one of the ads on this webpage and share this link on your facebook. Thank you for your time.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Therapy for the Soul

I began writing this because I am testing what I read in a book recently. It said that when we have trouble in our finances, it is because we are having conflicting thoughts about money....... It also gave an example of an exercise to do that corrects the conflicting thought. That exercise consist of giving freely to train your mind to think that money comes freely. It further explains that once you get rid of the conflicting thought about money, you open up the path for money to flow freely into your life.

Admittedly, I have heard something similar to this before. However, this time It really clicked. I had been holding on to my money like it was limited, therefore my thoughts about money was that it was limited. So, I did what it said. I went to the 7 eleven by my home to buy a coffee when I heard a bum asking for spare change in the parking lot. At that moment I remembered that money flows freely and is unlimited. Although I had coins in my pocket, I went with my first instinct and reached into my pocket and gave him the last of the paper cash I had in it. The bum said thank you and continued on like no great thing had happened. I knew that a great thing had happened. I had just created an experience where I could change my thought about money. I didn't know it then, but I later realized I now had proof that it was possible for someone to receive more money than they asked for. In turn, I had received more than I had given, because the mere thought of it being possible had just created more experiences to solidify that thought.

I began to ponder on ways to make the experiences come faster when a question came to my mind, "How did the bum get more money than he asked for?". I answered, "He just asked." I had realized what I had read in the book, if you wanted to get the experiences faster you have to express the thought. The bum knew that some one would give him some change, and whether he knew it or not, all he had to do was keep expressing the thought by asking. Also, whether he knew it or not, he offered me a service. He offered me a way to change my money paradigm. Money now flows freely in my thoughts, and to express that thought, I have started this blog as an expression to attract like minded people.

Below is a donation button to my paypal account. I know that at least $10,000 is free flowing to me by expressing my thought of it. Please give at the level that you can, openly and freely, and come back and give testimony on how creating this new way of thinking has changed your life situation.